Espresso Shot 4: Don't Worry, Be Happy

January 22, 2024 NICOA DUNNE CORNELIUS Season 2 Episode 4
Espresso Shot 4: Don't Worry, Be Happy
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Don't worry, Be Happy sounds nice, but why is that important? Yeah Nicoa... there's so much suffering in the world, how can I be happy? If you believe in "like energy attracting like energy" then perhaps your happy is the hope we need in the world! Every action, every reaction, every ineteraction is either LOVE or a call for LOVE. Can you give yourself permission to be happy? Even when others are not? JOURNALING PROMPT: What is between you and feeling happy? LIFE BY DESIGN.

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Nicoa Coach:

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Hey, guys, coming to you from the banks of Whiskey Creek, this is Nicoa. Yeah. Today, I want you to look in the mirror and remind yourself that it's okay for you to be happy. It's okay for you to be happy, it's okay for you to be happy, even when other people are not happy. It's okay for you to be happy when there's suffering in the world. It's actually really critical. For you to be happy, it's actually really important for you to find your happy, especially when others are suffering, especially when there's turmoil in the world, when there is war, when there's a lack of peace. Everything is either a demonstration of love, or a call for love. A demonstration of love, or a call for love. And your happiness, can foster more love, can foster more relief can foster possibility and hope with those that you come in contact with. Sometimes I'll have this feeling like this this little like, it's as if you were imagining the edges of the universe. And the more you try to think about that, the further out you go. The more that you're kind of get anxious, like there's nothing I can't I can't comprehend that feeling of that fluttery feeling that little bit of a gasp. Sometimes I get that same feeling that physical reaction out of the blue when I feel and embody happiness. And I invite you to tap into that happiness for yourself. But Nicoa How do I do that? How do I how do I not suffer because people in the Ukraine are suffering or people in Israel and Palestine are suffering? How do I find my happiness when my friend is sick with cancer, and when my child is suffering. And we've talked a lot about this before, that you don't have to take on the energies of your least happy child, right? You can have be at arm's length, you can have engaged detachment. And it's important that you learn how to do that. Because if like energy attracts like energy, then you finding peace, satisfaction and happiness will only foster more of that in the world. Yes, you are the change that we want to see in the world. And that starts with the simplest smallest actions. It's the smile when you wake up in the morning to your partner. It's it's the lack of yelling when you're frustrated that your kid won't get ready for school. It's the calmness that you embody. When you go about your day in a chaotic environment at work or chaotic scene at a grocery store or, or in traffic. It's your peace to your calm. It's your joy, it's your happiness, the laugh, we overhear you laughing that makes us happier. You know, the person who suffers doesn't want you to suffer also. They are not sitting there saying Yeah, well, I'm suffering so you should suffer. They're saying for God's sakes, please be happy because I can't be wherever they are suffering. They don't want to bring you down to where they are. They want you to be where they wish they were. Because it may be giving them hope that they too can get back to that space. There we have to see the extremes. Again, every action, every reaction every interaction is either a demonstration of love, or a call for love. And what we want to do is foster more of the love and we need to give attention to those who are suffering and fighting and angry and overwhelmed with their need. And we want to give attention and attract more of those who are ready to embody love and happiness and satisfaction. And when you can attract more of that and help give hope to those who suffer by embodying it for yourself. cultivating happiness. So here's a question for you. Get out your pen. Get out your journal, your writing prompt for the week. Ask yourself this question this week as often as you can and really listen to the answers. What is between me and feeling happy? I want you to ask yourself that question what is between you and feeling happy? Right now, what is between you, and feeling happy right now write that down. It may be a long list of things, it might feel like the list just keeps going, Well, don't have enough of this or that person suffering. And this makes me sad. And I'm upset here and I'm angry there. And just look at that list. Just notice, and see if you can set those items to the side and still find happiness. Did that bite of that sandwich? cause me to feel good. Did the sunshine on my face create a sense of satisfaction? The fact that when I flicked on the light switch, and the lights came on? Did that make me happy? It's up to you to curate this life, your life by design. Your life by design set in a space of satisfaction, peace, love, and happiness. It doesn't mean that those things aren't real. The things that were getting between you and your happiness. It just means that they are a different experience. And it's critical for you to be the opposite of those experiences as often as possible to offset the pain of whatever is on your list. It's okay to be happy. Your happiness. This is critical. Your happiness is not at the expense of another's. really ponder that. Me being happy. Doesn't hurt somebody else. Me being happy, actually might save them. Find your happy to reflect on what's between you and your happiness. And be happy anyway. Thanks for listening. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you