Espresso Shot 32: DO THE WORK

Espresso Shot 32: DO THE WORK
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THIS IS A MUST LISTEN! You are now older and wiser and Nicoa is sending THIS Espresso Shot  directly to YOU! It's now time for you to learn how to DO THE WORK so that you CAN live your LIFE BY DESIGN! It's time. Ready to REALLY experience your LIFE? Where do YOU need more work? Your LIFE BY DESIGN is waiting!

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Nicoa Coach:

sometimes don't, you just need a quick moment of inspiration. Or maybe you just need a moment of caffeinated contemplation to reflect on life. That's the idea behind my weekly coffee with Nicola espresso shots, I'll be sharing short jolts of inspiration in each clip, in addition to my longer Coffee with Nicoa interview episodes, make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot, or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you. You know, I had a lot of clients over the years, this is your weekly espresso shop. By the way, this is Nicola, I've had a lot of clients over the years that I've done really great work with. And a handful of them never quite got it. And I take full responsibility for that, because not quite getting it met, I had not quite learned some of the elements of how to heal some of the elements of how to actually overcome what triggers us in life, some of the elements of why we continue to do what we do, even when we know so much more. So coaching, and moving forward towards your life by design a life by design that I'm assuming most of you at least all my clients say they want more peace, they want more calm, they want to feel better every day, they want more happiness and satisfaction. And, and I've I've tasted that I know what that feels like. And I feel it more and more every day. And I also know that when I am not feeling it, that there's a part of me that still needs to heal. There is a part of me that still needs to heal. And I've had clients come back to me. And one of the tools that I'm going to be posting about soon is called Rapid transformational therapy. I added it to my my coaching toolkit only a few years back, because when these clients would come back to me, I would question it myself. I'm like, wow, they're using all the coping mechanisms there. They're still succeeding in life, their life is getting better, they're attracting more, they're more financially positive, they they are more satisfied, they're getting promotions, they're getting whatever it is they want. But they're still having these profound blocks in their life. And when I got certified in this hypnotherapy work, I began, I did so because of that, because I thought there is still something blocking them, causing a a physical reaction in them, something that is causing them to shut down or over function, or have anger issues in that particular area of their life. And I didn't know how to tap into it. Now I had begun to do some somatic work around the body. But I'd never gone into the subconscious. So that's when my research around neuroscience and how to rewire the brain came into play. And then when I became certified, I realized when we do hypno therapy, and we go back in time, and we have that individual reflect on past life experiences, we can rewire that, because healing, if you really want to heal in order to get to a life by design that satisfying if you really want to get what you want, without pain and suffering. Well, you got to go through a different level of pain and suffering in order to get there. And that is the work. You have to do the work and the work is not intellectualizing. I know, I know, I know, I know, but it still happens. I know, I know. I know, you know, I know that you know, and I know you know, you know, but I want you to feel I want you to open up the wounds of your past, and feel them and reprocess them, you might need help, most likely you will. You might need a coach a therapist both, you might need a hypnotherapist, you might need a best friend that can really hold space for you. You may even have a partner who can hold that space for you. But at the end of the day, this is not just knowing this is doing the work. And the work is learning how to do the opposite of what fear wants you to do. It's learning how to rewire your brain. So you can step over the threshold of fear, the uncertainty and the doubt that you can step into what's triggering you and experience it at arm's length so that you can observe it and understand it and then reprocess it through your body and through your emotional way of being your emotional your soul, your heart, you got to reprocess the pain of your past. You've got to reprocess the disappointments and the grieving in a manner that allows you to see it for What it was, it was simply an experience. And you are now older and wiser. And you can rewrite your experience any way you like, and give it new meaning, new understanding, and new lessons for you to now live your life by design that doesn't have to be burdened by that past, burdened by feelings of abandonment, shame, whatever that category is for you. Healing happens in the body, in the heart. So I'm really glad you're listening. And I'm really glad that you're gaining that knowledge. Because once you become that conscious, and you're able to say, Wow, if this is true, then how can I continue to heal? If this stuff works? Then how can I go through that process for myself? And it? It all starts with you start observing, and you'll know what the work needs to be done. And I invite you now to sit down and write it down. Where do I need more work? Where do I want to start? And yes, you're going to be afraid. But the fear isn't as great as the pain that you are creating and the stagnation that results from not having gone through the work life is so much more full and fulfilling. Once we do the work, you get to feel without fear. And you get to really experience all of the senses of this life. This is an amazing life. You have so much to experience. And the more you can observe it consciously that the more fun and fulfilling it will be. Oh my gosh, I wish I could hug all of you right now. I wish I could shake everybody right now and say Wake up, do the work. Your life by design is waiting. Thanks for listening. And we'll talk again soon. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you.


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