Espresso Shot 31: HEALING DREAMS

Espresso Shot 31: HEALING DREAMS
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WOW! Join Nicoa as she processes what deems to be a POWERFUL and HEALING DREAM tied to her own childhood wounds. She doesn't leave a detail out and you'll appreciate her authenticity as she invites you into her world of reflection. Reflecting on our dreams is an often untapped tool to learn more about who you are and why you are the way you are! And often, when we pay close attention, how we interpret what we dream can be JUST THE HEALING WE NEED to live a LIFE BY DESIGN

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Nicoa Coach:

sometimes don't you just need a quick moment of inspiration. Or maybe you just need a moment of caffeinated contemplation to reflect on life. That's the idea behind my weekly coffee with Nicola espresso shots. I'll be sharing short jolts of inspiration in each clip. In addition to my longer Coffee with Nicoa interview episodes, make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot, or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you. Hey, guys, it's Nicoa This is your weekly espresso shot, I have to tell you about a dream I had last night. Now, I don't know when this will air. So it may be a few weeks before you hear about the dream I had. But I just have to tell you, because it was so powerful. And it was so meaningful to me. And I want to share it because I'm wondering how often do you listen to your dreams? Are you paying attention to your dreams? Now some of you may say, Well, I don't dream. Well, that's actually a myth. You dream every night, assuming you're sleeping. If you're not sleeping, you can talk to me about that, too. I know how to fix that. Anyway, if you pay attention to your dreams, you can get a ton of valuable lessons and messages and in my case, a real healing experience. Now when I tell this story, it may not seem very profound to you. But it was significant to me. And what was interesting is I had been I like to listen to tarot readings and spiritual insight. As a Capricorn I'm My birthday is in January, and I really kind of value that dialogue around what are the cards telling me? And how can I begin to look for those either validations in my wife, maybe even some some hints of warning like you know, be sensitive, be careful. Notice how you're triggered. And when I was listening the other night, or last night, it was reminding me that on 725 23, which was yesterday that that is actually in numerology, a seven, seven portal. So five plus two is seven. So seven, seven was yesterday. And it was a good time in the reading that was being done. For me as a Capricorn, it was a good time to let go of a set of burdens and past wounds that I had been carrying for most of my life. And that if there was an opportunity to heal and or release those wounds that had been burdensome, and like a backpack on me that I'd been walking through life with that that would be a good day to do. So. Now, I didn't listen to this until the end of the day. And I thought, huh, yeah, okay, well, I release what no longer serves me, I thought to myself, and I went off to sleep in my deep slumber. And right before I woke up this morning, I remembered my dream, I must have had this intense dream, like in the last stage of my sleep. And it was rather discombobulated, which most of my dreams are. I mean, I was with my mom, and we were driving, then I was in some sort of sorority house. And then before you knew it, I was being hazed. And so there was a whole bunch going on. But in the end, as part of my hazing, I had to wear two small shoes to a set of shoes that were too small for me. So I'm not really sure what that was about. But I put these shoes on. And if any of you are dream analyzers, or, you know, spiritual individuals who know how to read into these things, please let me know in the comments, but I was handed a pair of shoes that did not match. And I was invited or told, Oh, you have to wear these. And what was interesting in the dream is that I had just taken off a pair of shoes that were giving me blisters, and I didn't like the I didn't like wearing those shoes. So I just took them off. And then when they came to me, this woman, she was an older woman, I don't know who she was, I had this feeling she was like the house mom for a sorority, which I've never been in, but my daughter was in a sorority. So that's how I know these things. And she said, No, you have to wear them as part of your hazing. And I looked down at the shoes, and they were really small. And they like I said, they didn't match. And I was like, okay, she's like, and then you have to walk home. So I put them on. And what was interesting is they actually fit and they were really comfortable. I'm sure there is some meaning there. That is not the point of me telling you this story today. But I thought I would just share it. So I start walking home and I'm with this woman. And I go to pick something up off the off of the we're here at the sound house. And there's a vacant lot in front of our home. And I went to pick something up. I said, Oh, I meant to pick this piece of trash up. And she said to me, she was older, wiser and larger than me. She was kind of to my left. She said, Oh, that's good. That's good that you're picking that up. That helps the earth. But I was thinking oh, I'm so good. And then I noticed that my mom and dad are driving up now. My father passed away a year ago this week and I see them? There's a big pile of like mulch in leaves in front of the driveway. And I'm thinking, how is he going to get into the driveway? And my dad took that Volvo cross country? And he just ran right up over that. And I thought, of course he did. Of course he did. Well, I'll hurry. So we get up to the driveway, and there's all this stuff that's being sold. And this woman said, What are y'all doing? I said, Oh, we're gonna have a yard sale, we're gonna get rid of all this stuff. We're getting rid of all this stuff. See that in and of itself has meaning in this dream. We're getting rid of stuff. And then all of a sudden, here's my dad. And he's like, moving stuff around. I said, What are you doing, dad? He said, I have to plant a peach tree. Right here. I've ordered a peach tree, it's on its way we're gonna have a peach tree. Well, if you look up peach tree symbolism and a dream, it's all about abundance and, and fertility. Don't worry, I can't get pregnant. But it's about growth. And I remember in the dream, thinking, Well, how about that he wants to plant a peach tree. Okay. And he was implying that was very fertile ground here, and that he needed to plant this tree here. And then in my reflection of that piece of the dream, and this is the best part, my reflection of that piece of the dream was, Oh, he's implying that he planted the seeds here with this property. And I give great meaning and value to this property, being in our family for 54 years, and just such a big symbolic step up in taking our family's experience to the next level. And I thought, Oh, that makes sense. He wants to plant that to grow here. And I thought, you know, I'm growing here. I'm growing from this. And this is the seeds he planted for me and my generation and my family to take it to the next level. Well, fast forward in this dream a little bit further. By the way, I've already looked up, how much is a peach tree? And where am I going to plant it?


I wonder if it would, if it would, you know really flourish here

Nicoa Coach:

in the southeastern United States. I'm not sure someone else, please give me some feedback. But we're now we're inside the house or standing in the master bedroom and my father is in the bathroom. Now, before I tell you, he's standing at the sink. Before I tell you what happens in the stream, I need to pause and tell you a story from my past that I consider traumatic. A story that left a scar with me and left me hurt and disappointed and sad. So my parents got divorced when I was about eight, they got separated was about eight years old, divorced at nine. And my father started dating a woman after that and spent a lot of time with her. And I remember one Saturday, I was standing outside his bedroom door and knocking on the door. And he said hold on, I've got to show you something. Now, I had been with my father for nine years at this point, and my only memories of my father or of him with a full beard. Which if any of you've seen photos of him, 99% of them. He has that full beard. Well on this particular day, and remember, I'm nine so I'm very short, very small. And I'm looking up and he decides he opens the door to surprise me. And he is beard LIS he has shaved his beard. And I'm shocked and right when he's showing me his girlfriend. With all due respect, Sally, you're a beautiful woman. But I was you know, his girlfriend comes up over his shoulder and says, Isn't it amazing? He looks so good. You should have seen him when he just shaved half of his face off. It was so funny. As a sweet little nine year old I remember thinking, Are you freaking kidding me? First of all, Dad, I don't say these things, y'all. I just press it deep down inside. I'm so upset. But I'm thinking Are you kidding me? Not only did you shave your beard off and not tell me you were going to do it. But then you did it with her. You didn't even share the experience with me. And that left such a mark on me. I mean, my chest hurts just telling you this story. So put that in the archives of Nikolas little T traumas over her lifetime and as a part of her feeling not included unloved, not that mean? Oh, it just compounded the the drama and trauma of the divorce. It just made my life like oh great. And now this. Thanks a lot, you know parents. So just put that in the archives of Nicoa. And now come back to the day. Now we're back in the dream and my dad is Standing in the, in the bathroom, right over his sink. And I'm in the master bedroom for some reason. And he says, Hey Nicoa, come here, come here, I want to show you something. And I go into the bathroom and he's kind of leaning over the sink, and he's been shaving. He's been shaving his beard. And he said, What do you think, look, and he shaved all of it except like a goatee and mustache. He said, What do you think? Look, I'm shaving off my beard. And I said, Oh, my gosh, that looks great. Dad, you look, I swear, it makes you look 20 years younger. And he looks like, like, I remember him looking. When I was very small. I said, You look great. And he goes, Well, I knew you'd want to see it while I was shaving it. And that was it. That was the end of the dream. And I'm gonna cry because I remember thinking, Oh, when I told the dream this morning to John, I thought, oh, oh, he helped me rewire that. He repaired that memory. And that was the seven seven portal yesterday. And that was the day to let go of those wounds and to heal and to, to rewire the brain to rewrite the story. That's what we do in hypnotherapy. That's what we do in rapid transformational therapy. We go back because now you're grown, and you can heal those scenes, you can rewrite them to better serve you. So my subconscious, and my dad, the Spirit, who is my father, now may he rest in peace generously, came back into my dream last night. To tell me he was sorry. And to include me. And I am so grateful. I am so grateful. And I think now that I have shared that story with you, I don't think I'll ever tell the story about the time my dad didn't include me. And maybe now I'll just tell the dream. Pay attention to your dreams, my friends. They can be very, very healing. Thanks for listening. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you.


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