Espresso Shot 25: Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself!

August 21, 2023 NICOA DUNNE CORNELIUS Season 1 Episode 25
Espresso Shot 25: Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself!
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SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA... You know what she's talking about. Are you SHOULDING all over yourself? How can you turn your decisions into powerful spaces of CHOOSINGLISTEN IN, are you REALLY in a space of 100% power?! Do you want to be!?  Ask yourself this week, Am I at CHOICE

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Nicoa Coach:

sometimes don't, you just need a quick moment of inspiration. Or maybe you just need a moment of caffeinated contemplation to reflect on life. That's the idea behind my weekly coffee with Nicola espresso shots, I'll be sharing short jolts of inspiration in each clip, in addition to my longer Coffee with Nicoa interview episodes, make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot, or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you. espresso shot time, this is Nicoa. And I am coming to you from the banks of Whiskey Creek, ready to talk about choice, it is time for you to start taking charge of your life by design, by putting yourself into a state of choice, write this word down all caps C H O ice choice. And there are different levels of engagement that you can find yourself in when you go about your day. And when you go about your life. And I really want to get on the soapbox today and talk about it. Because it's really just time for you guys to stop shooting all over yourselves. Yeah, when you're in a space of where I really should do something, you're not in a space of power. It's really like zero power. Well, I should go check that email, or I should go wash the dishes, or I should go exercise. But likely, when you're in a space of should, again, stop shooting all over yourself, you guys, you're never really going to lift a finger and stand up and go do the thing you want to do. And even if you do, you're not going to have a lot of full engagement and powerful outcomes as a result. Then you might say, well, you know, Nicoa, I'm actually in a space of, I really need to, I need to get up and go to work, I need to go work out, I need to go return that phone call, I need to go pay that bill. Oh, there's still this burden, right? There's still this heavy catabolic energy of, well, it's not really something that okay, ready to shift that I want to do. Ah, what if we went to that stage, let's talk about wanting, you know, I really want to work out. Now I joke that there are things I want to do in life that I want to want to. So like I used to say, I really wish I wanted to be a runner, I want to want to be a runner, but I don't. So I'm not so but the state of wanting is actually when your body and your soul are aligning, and they're starting to say, what do I want? And then of course, that question that I'm always asking you after you answer what you want, how is what you are doing, getting you what you want. So if you're not getting what you want, are you willing to try a different way. So wanting it's about 50% power here, but it's really not going to move you forward just sitting in wanting right. So how do we get to that next level? Ah, well, I really think that I want to step into a state of choice. So there's your power 100% Power, I choose to check that email right now I choose to pay this bill. And I'm choosing to get up put my shoes on and go for a really intense walk. See, and as hell I'm not a runner. Am I at choice? Can I be at choice? What do I want? How's what I'm doing getting me what I want, if I'm not getting what I want? Am I willing to try a different way? Or am I going to sit in a space of should? Well, I really should do it. But I'm so tired. I mean, it's so heavy, there's always these stories. If you're not willing to observe yourself and your tipsy BFF is up there cheering you on, she really wants you to get up or he's really encouraging you and championing you, but they're gonna love you no matter what you choose to do. So if you could shift from, from that space of I should, to I need to I want to, to I choose to, then you are completely liberated in your power. Ask yourself the question this week, am I a choice? Is this a space of choice? And how do we do that? We have to understand why you have to understand why you're doing it. Not because everybody else said you needed to do it or should do it. Right? Not because your rabbi or your priest or your mother or your best friend's mom said you need to do these things. You should do ABC, but because you looked in the mirror, you took that advice from that tipsy BFF. You looked at the Gremlin on your shoulder and said hey, man, thanks for your advice. But I want to get up, put my shoes on and take this walk because I envision a life where I am so healthy, that I can play with my grandchildren and my great grandchildren and therefore, I am at choice. Where do you need to move into a state of choice this week? I send you off with your espresso shot. Make a journaling prompt out of it, sit down, walk yourself through, where you're shooting all over yourself all the way to where you are powerfully liberating Lee at choice. Thanks for listening guys. Have a great week and don't forget to subscribe make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you. Have a new way