Espresso Shot 5: Yes you can!

April 03, 2023 NICOA DUNNE CORNELIUS Season 1 Episode 5
Espresso Shot 5: Yes you can!
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As we start the week, Nicoa encourages us to unapologetically take charge of our lives and live according to our own priorities. Yes we can! And we deserve to create our life by design on our own terms. 

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Nicoa (100%) 

Nicoa Coach

sometimes don't you just need a quick moment of inspiration. Or maybe you just need a moment of caffeinated contemplation to reflect on life. That's the idea behind my weekly Coffee with Nicoa espresso shots. I'll be sharing short jolts of inspiration in each clip. In addition to my longer Coffee with Nicoa interview episodes, make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot, or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you. Good morning, everybody.
Nicoa Coach

This is Nicoa, coming to you live with your weekly espresso shot of insights and content for you to reflect and ponder  throughout your week. And today, I just want to remind you that yes, you can, yes, you can do a whole bunch of things because it's your life by design. And you get to decide what your calendar looks like. You get to decide where you show up. And when you show up. And you get to decide if what you're doing every day is serving you. And if it's not, this morning, I looked at my calendar actually last night, and I thought, oh, my gosh, I am really busy. And I noticed that there was a part of me that wished that my calendar was not so full today. Now, I am beginning to learn that what I wish for can sometimes come true. Be careful what you wish for, as my dad used to say. And actually I woke up this morning, got up early, was going to make sure I meditated, and I did my routine so that I would be ready for my very busy day. And one of the first texts I received was actually a cancellation or reschedule. And then I thought, Okay, well, no big deal. So she rescheduled and then before you knew it, I was seated at my desk, gonna do some paperwork and get things organized. And there we go, again, someone else has rescheduled. And at first I thought seriously, this is the second time you've rescheduled or third time they've rescheduled this. And then I thought, well, of course. And you know what her reason was? My calendar is too busy. I'm overwhelmed. And the time difference is causing me to feel like I need to reschedule some appointments. And I thought good for her. Yes, yes, you can. You can reschedule appointments, you can tell people that you're not available. And then before I knew it, I glanced down the end of my calendar, one of my appointments had also rescheduled because he needed to be on site with a client. He works in the corporate world. And he said, Hey, I've rescheduled for next Monday. So just notice, life doesn't have to be as structured and restrictive as you might make it be. And you have the power to reschedule change things. I've often asked my my clients, when they struggle with their own work life balance, I call it Life. But you know, if you still want to compartmentalize, that's fine with me, I get it. And when they're struggling, they often say well, I just don't have time, I don't have time. And so I say to them, Well, if I were to if someone were to call you right now and say there's an emergency at your kids school or your partner, or your parent, what would you do? They said I'd probably get in the car and leaving and go take care of it. And that's it exactly. Well guess what everybody? The emergency is you. This is your life by design. And as your coach, I'm going to write you a prescription right now to say yes, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You know what the consequences are. But at the end of the day, if you're not doing exactly what you want, based on what matters most to you, then something's out of whack. So yes, yes, you can. You can leave early from work today. You can also reschedule things. You can also take a nap, do what you need to do this week. This is your espresso shot of insight. I can't wait to hear some of the things that you decide that yes, you can make a change in your life by design. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an espresso shot or a full length Coffee with Nicoa interview created just for you!


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